About PJ Rasmussen

The Journey of PJ Rasmussen

Grace Notes Music – PJ Rasmussen has been a prominent figure in the music industry since 2013. Starting as a hot-shot guitarist, PJ quickly gained recognition for bringing his love of rock, blues, and folk music to the jazz world. His talent and passion led to the release of two charting albums of original compositions, featuring renowned GRAMMY-winners.

In 2015, PJ Rasmussen formed the 21-piece Boardwalk Jazz Band, marking a shift towards composition. The band became his main musical outlet, culminating in nationally syndicated broadcasts and residencies at esteemed venues. PJ’s career further expanded to include film scores, commissions, and collaborations with musicians around the world.

Grace Notes Music – PJ Rasmussen has worked with acclaimed clients such as John Deere, Trinity Broadcast Network, and the Florida Imperial Symphony. His music has left a lasting impact in various industries, from corporate branding to film festivals on three continents.

Principles and Values

Guiding principles that define Grace Notes Music – PJ Rasmussen

Creative Excellence

We strive for nothing less than delivering exceptional and innovative compositions that captivate audiences and exceed expectations.

Collaborative Spirit

We believe that great music is born from collaboration, and we foster a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages teamwork and shared creativity.

Passionate Dedication

Our unwavering passion for music fuels our commitment to creating extraordinary compositions and continually pushing the boundaries of our craft.

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